Wednesday, September 27, 2017

it's never easy

yes, it's never easy to make people understand you on what you feel, on what you are going through, on what you really are. i know time will definitely heal the pain. but in the mean time, you just need to bear with it. it's always better to stay silent rather than expressing it all out. it's no joke that it's so real that everyone's heart is just so different. you can't expect people to be like you and yes, you can't expect yourself to be like others too. now i'm adding up, i'm also tired of waiting for something else. 

i still believe, true friends will always stay by your side no matter what happens. they give positive vibes, they give good advices and what's important is, they accept you for who you are even you have a flaw that they actually have a reason to leave you behind. if i were that one friend, i would stay for my friend cause i know that they need me the most. but as expected, sometimes people that you trust the most is the people that you shouldn't trust in the first place. 

life is like an acting in a movie on a television. you can actually expect the unexpected but you still want to commit cause that's what people say, love is so powerful. whatever it is, you still got to move forward and enjoy all the acting. and that makes you a real people in the future.