Tuesday, December 29, 2015


i know in deciding things so that you can choose the best is definitely the hardest thing ever
sometimes you have to decide on leaving one of the two best things
you think a lot, and make you feel so freaked out at a point that you can't even handle it again and make you feel so tired where you want to give up and stop living this way
you think of the pros and cons so you can know where do actually you put yourself on
it's hard yes, i am not denying it
think about it in a large scale, so you can look deeper and consider the future in advanced

and i keep reminding myself that i don't have to look back after making a conlusion
cause once you turned back, you might go the way that you don't want to
so, stop looking back 
im not saying that looking back is the worst thing to be done
but you might face the difficulties which you have to keep on considering all over again
determination is the thing that you need so you can face the problem well and settle things up fast
who knows in the future when you are on your way of moving forward, you will get back the thing that you have left behind before
as everything that you have decided, you will get to know the reason sooner or later 
cause we can't even predict the future 
and the only way is to keep moving forward

never be afraid on things that you have decided
when there's a will, there's a way
give it a try as much as you can
cause trying is never a wrong thing either

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