Monday, September 12, 2016

for you

today; i almost lost my bestfriend or i might say that i have lost the one
i tried so hard telling myself that everything's going to be alright, but its not working
i feel sad, i feel lost, i feel that i am barely surviving without him at this moment
completely feel miserable
i made a mistake, big mistake
its right and so right that just only with a mistake can turn things differently
i didnt have any intention to make you feel ashamed, feel bad
i know yes, you told me that the feeling that you feel now is from yourself and thats why you didnt blame me fully
im so sad,
really really sad
i was trying so hard to help,
maybe i helped a bit
but yes its my fault, for making things to fall into pieces
and made things worse than ever
but still, i didnt have any intention to make you feel so
i realized, and yes you are right
i am the stupidest human being, friend etc
i always forget about your feelings
things are hard now
we both are lost in our own ways
and i have started to miss you again and again
i miss you
i need you
yes i cant be far apart from you
but why cant you trust me, that everything's okay..?
i just need a little trust from you
i tried to comfort you
but still, things get worse
im sorry, im really sorry
i still want you
im not strong enought to get back to where i usually belong
im not, it hurts

im sorry, sorry and am very very very sorry
i want you back, bestfriend :(

yours truly, bestfriend

1 comment:

  1. whoever your bestfriend is, i am sure he will forgive you, worry not ! hoping you happiness always, cheers !