Sunday, December 11, 2016

the unsual

i remembered the day that you chose me for good
but, things are not the same anymore now
i could never be a good thing that happened in your life
all the heartbreak and all the broken promises proved us so well 
i was the only person that always made things harder and complicated
for not cooperating, for not doing the simple things
but i also feel curious about myself for not behaving in a good way
i am such a burden, to you, to all
for not having a perfect attitude or character that could please you
for not having a perfect life and such 
that made you put yourself in confusion for having me in your life

i am losing you day by day,
and i realised i was the one who led us to break our promises on staying,
for putting us in the hardship
i dont know, i have lost my mind to even think well
i hope i could turn back time
but i know its just a dream

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